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Lois Lane narrates this chapter and tells us of her Prince Charming come to life.

Superman defeats terrorists, nuclear missiles, rescues damsels in distress, and stands up to Lex Luthor. After such adventures Clark refreshes with a visit to the family Superman For All Seasons 3. The third chapter in the series is narrated by Lex Luthor. He has just been released from jail for being arrested for an unknown crime. Luthor believes that Metropolis has betrayed Superman For All Seasons 4.

ISBN 13: 9781563895296

Throughout high school Lana Lang saw her life as being Mrs. Clark Kent.

But that all changed the day Clark confessed to her his greatest secret. Now, years later the two reunite in Smallville.

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Lana is trying to understand what her life is now Community Reviews Write a Review. There are no community reviews at this time.

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