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Rick Grimes Movie Trilogy Will COMPLETE Rick's Story Breakdown! Will We See a Reunion?

Contents [ show ]. The second in the split series. Black Fruit are from Grand Rapids, Michigan and play garage n psych mixed in with surf and blues influences. Haunting distorted vocals over a backdrop of a driving guitar and solid drums gives Black Fruit a sound that can go in so many directions including self destruction. The band have previously released an album called She which has done very well online and put them solidly on the garage n psych map. Factotum play heavy garage n psych rock with blues influences and a solid energy.

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From short punchy garage songs to heavy psych to grunge the band cover a lot of ground and do it with an energy not seen for a while. For two people they can really make a lot of noise. This is their 2nd release. We previously released their debut album Knife Gun as well as featuring a couple of tracks on Vegetarian Meat.

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The band have had an extremely busy year touring Europe several times and have received a lot of positive press for their songs and live shows from Pitchfork to Crack Magazine. Black Submarine's debut album, New Shores was recorded in the UK and Denmark, mixed in Cheshire and mastered at Abbey Road, and brings together five veteran agents of the spectacle at the height of their powers. As the name suggests, these musicians operate in subsurface currents, with songs that prowl a listener's brain stem long after the needle is lifted and reality resumed.

The record covers vast terrain and incorporates polar contrasts however, bringing effects laden, Moby-via-Morricone soundtrack experimentation juddering into a disquiet accord with accomplished songwriting, the side that may be more familiar to fans of Jones and McCabe's earlier material.

In particular there is a sonic tie to the latter's work with John Martyn; Black Submarine recently contributed a break beat inflected 'Rope Soul'd' to a Martyn tribute record, audible here. Featuring a vocal turn by 20 year-old Elly McCabe, 'Lover' pinpoints exactly this mellifluous territory, as does the standout 'Heart First', a 6 minute symphonic rapture.

Founded as a duo by T. The pair has since developed the project into a full band while building a cult-like following, scattering various vinyl and tape releases on boutique labels around the globe. Citing Killing Joke, Death in June, March Violets and The Cure as influences, Blessure Grave injects a pop sensibility into songs otherwise doomed to dreariness, creating an interesting mix of old and new but dark all around.

The music initially appears rather simple, but quickly reveals the fact that the songs are fully fleshed-out and genuinely memorable. The band does not waste a lot a time allowing tracks to drone on: the songs are short and to the point, with the average track approximately three minutes in length. A number of the tracks on the album could be considered singles.

Take for example the beautifully haunting duet "Resting Place For Two", where band leaders Grave and Kay share vocal duties. The band officially started recording under the Blis. The quartet—drummer Jimi Ingman, bassist Luke Jones, guitarist Josiah Smith and Gossett—have found a system that works, though the process was arduous.

September 24, 2010 - October 7, 2010

Almost every track mentions God or religion. He explains. A follow up to 's widely-praised Tempest, the album was recorded and mixed with Steve Fisk Nirvana, Soundgarden and features a mix of noisy, fuzzed-out guitars and melodic vocals. For a first taste of the new record, you can stream opening track "High-Lo" where it premiered with Stereogum or via Soundcloud.

The Brunettes have a meticulous craft in the studio. Writing pop songs, that most fickle of forms, requires a precision that comes naturally to the band, and their records ring perfection in every note. Their sense of fun firmly intact, The Brunettes inject their new batch of songs with a sense of modernity on "Paper Dolls". Opener "In Colours" and closer "Thank You" are the entrance and exit into this world, as both sit comfortably with previous efforts; in between, however, principal songwriter Jonathan Bree augments his pop leanings with drum machines and an intimidatingly wide array of synths to fantastic effect.

Lyrically, the album combines clever call-and-response levity, an undercurrent of smoldering romance, and a penchant for idiosyncratic storytelling.

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A concise 35 minutes, "Paper Dolls" reaffirms the glory of a simple melody. So polite, those New Zealanders! Tracy Bryant Parachute Volar. Two songs by the LA-based former Corners frontman. Nick Butcher Bee Removal Hometapes.

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  6. The follow up to "The Complicated Bicycle" his first album, critically praised and packaged in a handmade, hand-printed book by Nick himself , this new LP turns found instrumentation-radio, guitar, air organ, tape players, trains passing, coins, etc. Recorded in Nick's Chicago home and studio, using what he describes as 'haphazard recording techniques', "Bee Removal" is a majestic souvenir of invention.

    Not to mention: the packaging is a hand-screened Chris Kerr illustration, and the vinyl is delicious and icy white. Edition of copies. Each song was recorded live, with Julie accompanying herself on fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Julie Byrne released her second album Not Even Happiness in January to mass acclaim and will take the songs from her two albums on the road throughout the whole Amongst songs furnished with prominent guitar leads and power pop hooks, California X offers a moodier, more textured, but instinctively catchy experience.

    Nights shows off a musical and lyrical maturity for the band, exploring ideas of darkness and longing. California X draws on influences from 70s rock to 90s alternative, but applies this pallet with intention. The product is a distinctive record, maneuvering seamlessly from fuzzed-out rock to conceptual ballad. It was presented humbly as an album that a touring member of their band had been working on for the past few years. The three songs they sent were the beginnings of Rumspringa, the song orchestral pop marvel from American singer-songwriter Daniel James aka Canon Blue.

    Though technically residing in Nashville, TN, Daniel James has spent the majority of the past three years touring the world with Efterklang while simultaneously writing and recording Rumspringa in their Copenhagen studio. The result is a breathtakingly gorgeous mix of orchestral pop and neoclassical minimalism that blends the soulful intimacy of Jeff Buckley and the playful whimsy of Sufjan Stevens with the stately meditation of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

    Rumspringa ironically finds Daniel James coming into his own by employing nearly 20 musicians to translate his expansive vision. The reserved, introverted abstraction of Colonies has given way to the eclectic glee of Rumspringa, and in the process has magnified the emotional heft and overall replay value significantly. Jangling indiepop tussling with rip-roaring rock'n'roll, ornate REM-esque melodies squaring up to exuberant dancefloor smashes.

    Imagine growing up in Finland anything other than a hard rock fan.

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    From the glammed up rock of Hanoi Rocks to the globe-conquering metal of HIM and The Rasmus, Finland's contribution to music has tended to be loud, brash and rocking. Just look at him: with cheekbones you could hang a Rembrandt on and a perfect, almost arrogantly-styled quiff, this cravat-wearing hybrid of the young David Bowie and James Dean seems a world apart from scuffed denim and greasy hair. And his band's music inhabits a different universe as well — jangling indie pop tussling with rip-roaring rock'n'roll, ornate REM-esque melodies squaring up to exuberant indie dancefloor smashes.

    The foursome released their debut album, "The Province Complains", in , to widespread acclaim. Kicking off with the infectious, hand-clapping, energy rush of the single "Tears In Your Cup", the album showcases Mattias' singular style and worldview — he's sardonic, poetic, funny, political, eccentric, and a true star in the old-fashioned sense, a flamboyant misfit to rank alongside Edwyn Collins and John Lydon. You can't imagine how he grew up in Finland.

    And we can't wait to see what happens now he's finally turned his attention to the UK. Channeling an elemental life-force hewn straight from the heart, Dunphe's voice bursts into every melodic line, a cracked, soulful instrument powered by conviction, duetting, duelling and dancing with Jaques' crisp production. A light that casts shadow, CC Dust is doomed, romantic music anchored by Jaques' live bass and the powerful performance values Dunphe has honed both in her punk group VEXX and in various film and performance projects.

    Musically, CC Dust's precedents might be considered the European synth pop originators of the early 80s, there's also an abundance of low-end hooks played on baritone and bass guitars that teases the ear like early New Order productions, but in Dunphe's passionate vocal performances there's a close-to-the-bone reality that bypasses cool detachment. Their self-titled debut explodes with Never Going To Die, an anthem for the seizing of the day, the rush of standing on the edge looking outwards, invincible.

    Tonopah slithers into view, Jaques baritone guitar weaving patterns around Dunphe? Baby Boy is decidedly more ominous, a slow burner that climaxes in an incredible falsetto performance.

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    Abra is another high point, a sweeping waltz that spins the listener around into a tumult, a bittersweet accompaniment to the opening track. Mutiny feels like the end of a phase in your life "let's be rid of our obsessions, don't you agree" begs Dunphe, sounding as obsessed and passionate as ever. It's an ode to desire, the euphoria it grants and the consequences.

    CC Dust play and write real songs lived. A desire for desire. What is it? How does it manifest? Is it all worth the tumult? CC Dust offer no answers as there are none, but they ask the right questions in a life-affirming way. Doomed, romantic, unanswerable and vital. Chandra Oppenheim was a child star like no other. As the daughter of famed conceptual artist Dennis Oppenheim. With hypnotic, chanted vocals focusing on chilling themes of mind control, multiple personalities and missing the train.

    What can you say about a piece doom house electro-disco metal phenomenon that dress like sacred knights from the 25th century? Or, to put it simply, it sounds like the future. A satisfyingly unsettling listen from top to bottom or perhaps unsettlingly satisfying? Keep watching the skies! Circus Devils continue to stretch their musical muscles on My Mind Has Seen the White Trick, a set of thematically unrelated pieces that at times ventures into jazzier territory. The terrain remains darkly mysterious, as always, with multiple layers to explore and reward the listener on repeated plays.

    It may be the birth of a new Circus Devils. Cobra Verde is back with their first original studio disc in five years. The band entered the studio soon after releasing their powerhouse, "Easy Listening".