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This unthinkable event—that the city where God lived in His temple could be destroyed—is studied as a threat in Jeremiah and as a historical reality in Ezekiel.

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Jonah-Habakkuk: The God of Israel and the God of the Nations is a course which demonstrates the fact that while God had chosen Israel as His covenant people, His compassion extended beyond Israel to all people. Toggle navigation Menu. Login Sign Up. Sign in with Facebook. Username or Email.


Remember me Forget? Back to Login. Get a big-picture understanding of the Old Testament in this series of twelve short courses. It is the foundation for understanding the struggles and triumphs of the relationship between God… View. In contrast, the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua record the preparation and triumph of faith as the people allowed God to… View. Isaiah introduces the prophetic literature, which… View. Email required Please provide a valid email address. First Name required, at least 1 character Please provide your first name. Last Name required, at least 1 character Please provide your last name.

Spain Sri Lanka St. God was not stingy with us. He gave us His only Son.


Let us not be stingy with God. I notice that the language used in this book is very strong. These are strong terms. The point is that their sin and rejection of Him is not a light matter! It deserves the harshest retribution. The priests should have been the examples for Israel. They were examples, but bad ones!

They violated the covenant that God had made with Levi. As leaders they were responsible to some extent for the actions of those under them. The people of Judah had strayed in more ways than one. Not only had they offered God worthless sacrifices, but they also sinned in marriage. Firstly, they married foreign wives who worshipped foreign idols. Secondly, they did this at the expense of the wives of their youth. They put aside the wives they married when they were young and grossly mistreated them, divorcing them for no other cause than their own pleasure.

It was unjust. Treachery is a betrayal of the highest kind and deserves execution. It is a willful violation of trust and friendship. Marriage is a covenant of the most sacred kind, holy to God. There will be difficulties in marriage. They are certain. They need to be resolved in a biblical matter. These are all copouts. They spawn from an incorrect view of love as just romantic feelings of marriage, and of conflict.

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The first six verses of chapter 3 are about first the coming of John the Baptist and then the coming of the Messiah. They refer primarily to the judgment that He will bring at His second coming though His first and second advents are not distinguished in the OT. This should not be a surprise as the book is a rebuke.

The next verses go back to the problem of tithes and offerings. They were already being cursed by God because they refused to give the tithes and offerings. It is clear that they are sinning by not giving that God. People are happy to accept the blessings that God offer. They enjoy going to church and listening to the sermons. They are more than happy to take, but many are reluctant to give.

If they do give, they give extremely minimal amounts to relieve their guilty consciences or they give leftovers. This is not how God wants us to give. He wants us to give joyfully of our own free will and sacrificially of our best fruits. He even proposes a test. Begin giving freely and joyfully to Him.

Watch as He opens the floodgates of heaven and rains down blessings on you. In verse eleven He also promises to continue to supply your needs. Its not guaranteed to happen every time, but neither is it a coincidence. In verses we see a common question that people still ask today.

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There are at least two problems with this. First, they have the attitude that following God is only a means toward getting something in this life. They only serve God for what they can get out of it. This is completely the wrong motivation.

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God is not our servant. He is the Creator, the Almighty, the Beginning and End. We are to fear Him and desire to give Him glory. Secondly, they are blind and shortsighted! They are looking short-term and at the physical when they should have an eternal perspective and look at the spiritual. The wicked may prosper financially or materially, but it is short-lived and hollow. Do not seek to serve God for what you can get out of it and do not be jealous of the wicked because of their nice house or car. They are enemies of God, outcast, and bound for hell. Isaiah — Isaiah prophecies the coming of a messenger in very similar wording.

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That was John the Baptist. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. In all of the Old Testament, he is only mentioned in He ministered during the days of Nehemiah. We know nothing of his ancestry or hometown. Historical Background: Jerusalem was under the rule of the Persian governor.

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