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Nevertheless, if you are going to study Physics, you will need to get to grips with a certain amount of Maths. Until students grow in confidence, some students find manipulating formulae to find an answer to a question challenging. Diversity of Organisms. Flowering Plants. The Human Body. Final result is based on project and exam.

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How the world came to be as it is today. Life Sketching 2. Design or Craft work. The evolution of Art though artists, styles and periods throughout history and the analysis of European and Irish styles and paintings.

Leaving Cert higher level French: 'An extremely topical and relevant paper'

Instead, you have 3 practical exams which are sat in May of LC. You are given the paper one week before these exams to allow you to prepare.

  • Gods Lavish Grace;
  • The Adventures of Charlie Smithers (The Charlie Smithers Collection Book 1).
  • He Done Me Wrong Poems and Beyond.

This is the exam for your Art History section. Academic Life.

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What careers is Business a useful subject for? How is the subject examined in Leaving Certificate? What type of skills will it help develop? What do students like about it? What may students find hard about it? What careers is Accounting a useful subject for? There is also some theory. What careers is Chemistry a useful subject for?


Useful links Useful Links for other Leaving cert subjects. Requirements In the higher level paper, you will be required to write 3 written pieces. There are 4 written questions and each has two options a and b. Below is a description of each question. Question 1 Question 1 has two options a and b.

  • Leaving Cert French.
  • Mosaïque 3rd Edition;
  • Official certification for your proficiency in French.

You must answer one of these. Option a is usually an opinion question while question b is usually a story but it can also be an opinion. Both questions are based on a quote from the comprehension texts from Section I. You are required to write 90 words minimum. You will probably find that you will write a bit more.

This piece is worth 40 marks 20 for communication and 20 for language. While the question is taken from the texts in the Comprehension section, you are not to make reference to the text and it is forbidden to take chunks out of the texts. How do you choose? The day of the exam, make sure you read all the questions carefully. You might have a feeling of which you will do but never be certain until you have read the questions. Should I choose the opinion question? Do you understand the quote and the opinion required? If you are unsure of the exact meaning, read the quote as part of the text, it might help you understand. If you are still unsure, you might want to consider the other option. If you decide to go for it. Remember the steps to write the perfect piece.