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NOT even fraud charges laid against its owner could keep believers away from Guildford's so-called House of Miracles. Five days a week, George and Lina Tannous throw open their western Sydney home to allow the faithful to witness a mysterious oil-like substance said to seep from their walls. Lady of the house Lina Tannous, in black, welcomed visitors to her house in Guildford yesterday after police arrested her husband, George, over allegations relating to credit card fraud. Credit: Anthony Johnson.

The family says it is God's work. It started appearing 40 days after the death of their son Mike, 17, in a road accident in September They believe the oil is his way of communicating with them and, when combined with prayer, has healing powers. The claim brings hundreds of visitors each week to the Bowden Street residence.

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But on Wednesday it was the police who visited the House of Miracles and charged Mr Tannous over allegations relating to credit card fraud. The unemployed financier is alleged to have falsified documents to allow people with poor credit histories to obtain credit cards from Westpac.

He will appear in Fairfield Local Court on February His lawyer, Jasmina Ceic, said he would plead not guilty to the seven charges against him. Police said none of them related to the House of Miracle claims. If somebody has a problem with my job, let him take me to court. The miracle will continue always and the door is always open.

The charges did not deter visitors to the house yesterday. I began to ask the Lord specifically how much I should offer her for the land. I knew I had fifteen thousand to work with. I knew what my desires were to have enough to get the land cleared, and get the electric and septic installed. I also knew I had a real good chance to buy a piece of valuable property for a very good price. The number that came up in my heart I knew could not have been from me! In a few days I loaded up in my truck my two girls Shiloh and Cherith who were about four and two and a half respectively. We drove up to what I believed at that time to be a pretty sure thing that this was the property that God was leading us to.

There was a little area in the midst of a small white pine grove that the sun shown in and it was grassy and had a lot of wild flowers growing on it.

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We walked together he one hundred feet or so into that area and sat down in the sunshine. We can go picking flowers of all these colors. Their countenance seemed to change. I took them back home that day with a precious memory in my heart, a few photos on my camera and just thinking on how our lives were about to be changed forever! I still had one concern, which might seem a bit ridiculous. However to a country boy it made perfect sense. I had always hoped to have land with a fresh water spring on the property.

So one Sunday afternoon with the property boundary map in hand secured by the town I decided to hike the twenty-five acre lot. It was all mountain, and all side hill. Some of it was very steep. It was north face and the trees stood some forty to fifty feet tall.


I noticed the land benched at many spots and one place lower down had a view of the City of Elmira. As I started at the Southeast corner and walked down the old stonewall property line I still did not see any evidence of a spring.

House of Miracles

Fresh water springs can be opened up, cleaned out and even fresh water ponds dug for deer and wildlife to drink from. Water just trickles and sometimes with a good flow even bubbles up from the ground but what I found was a lot of clay soil and shale rock but as I reached the bottom corner and headed West along the bottom I was starting to get discouraged.

I started up the steep uphill climb heading back towards the road, praying giving it to God as I went. As I could see the road now and a car passed by I felt something under my feet.

The Miracle of Miracles (Ardas Bhaee)

There had to be water here somewhere! Sure enough a good water flow began. I had found my spring. This had to be the property the Father had for us for sure! I drove back to our house on Shepler St praising God all the way home. I could just envision a small pond there someday. He had granted me another desire of my heart! Because she had listed it with a realtor now all transactions would have to go though a realtor representing me. I talked to Jerry on the phone and told him my story. I said Jerry I feel we are to offer her eighty five hundred dollars for that land. I just sold seven one-acre lots down Merriam Road to your South a few years ago for a thousand dollars an acre. If you offend her she might not be willing to negotiate with you further.

I could only tell him that I felt the Father gave me that figure after I had spent considerable amount of time in prayer about it. So he agreed that we would put in the offer and see what her response would be. One of the Longest Weeks of My Life Jerry made the call and told me that he would let me know as soon as he heard something.

As hard as it was I had to commit it to the Lords hands and trust that he had it all worked out. First one day went by, then another. The week dragged on. Doubts crept in. Fears seemed to plague my mind. What then? If this was meant to be then I had done my part now God had to do what he was so good at.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Mary and Joseph surrounding the birth of Jesus. Others teach philosophies that seem to resemble more that we launch out in a good plan or motive and then God will bless it. The story surrounding the birth of the Christ Child seems to add a healthy balance to them both. Almost in every other step God does something sovereign like putting Mary and Joseph sovereignly in Bethlehem by having the Roman government demand a national census bringing them to this little out of the way town.

However God had to speak to both Mary and Joseph directly and individually about some very important things they had to do themselves! The story goes back and forth that way including steps given to the parents of John the Baptist. First God does something sovereignly then God calls the characters in the story to do something specifically by faith. Almost everything God calls us to do specifically has something to do with the future only He knows! So after about a week the phone finally rang.

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It was Jerry on the other end. Finally the wait was over. Now the work could begin!