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A mysterious stranger emerges from cyberspace to change his fate, and possibly the fate of an entire nation. The tournament is the only thing that can save him for being killed, simply because he is a man. They find a way to solve their cabin fever. When two strangers show up to collect his belongings, his day takes a chilling turn. It seems the perpetrator is psychology Professor Lindsay Johns - but did she steal them, or did he give them to her?

The rest is American history. Rin, a young Japanese woman teaching in Princeton, takes matters into her own hands.

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Countering the hypocrisy of his northern neighbors, however, might force him to become — in the eyes of the world and history — the thing he hates the most. Instead, she finds a friend and truth. He decides to hide the woman for the remaining hours she needs to receive clearance on a bank transfer, which will give her the means to make a permanent escape, but is killed after failing a test to prove his love for her. After she lets Erika leave without exchanging phone numbers, she is finally able to admit that she met someone worth speaking up for, and she wastes no time when she gets a second chance.

Neither Daniel, nor Dr.

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Sarah Mackenzie PhD, the stunning lead environmentalist at the hatchery, have any intention of falling for each other, but a lethal combination of intelligence and beauty is impossible to deny, and despite both of their best intentions, a romance blossoms. She is relieved when a blizzard attempts to derail plans, but her date has another idea.

With her own life in upheaval her imagination fills in the blanks. Painful truths are revealed when a family member unexpectedly arrives and mistakes the housekeeper for a wealthy artist. In an epic battle of will, she finally evens the score. A new housekeeper arrives at the home of a successful couple, with a lesson only she can teach, about the impact of leaving someone abandoned and vulnerable. Who is she, and how will she impact lives of his wife and daughter?

Two high school kids head to the barn to sleep together for the first time and are surprised by the killer.

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Killers all around. With their lives in each other's hands, they make a desperate attempt to save themselves. The three come together in a case of mistaken identity where the most innocent are found guilty and the guiltiest gets off scot free.

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Truth and loyalties are tested as a power-struggle develops between Granny and her over-protective granddaughter. One garden gnome is harmed and some chocolate chips are melted. Sarah, a nurse, thinks that there is an ulterior motive for the suggestion. Webb says no Peace Pageant will ever stop war.

Ten-year-old Jimmy is doing his best to look after his Mam and Mrs. Webb—without getting caught. Oxygen is running low—and so is their sanity. Scotty Burke has better uses for her. That is, until secrets are unveiled and it will be up to Lily to save herself. Nick, orphaned at a young age, is fascinated with the concept of immortality and when science fails him, he looks to Tara to help him achieve it.

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  • After years of prolific writing and publication and encounters with a collection of poetic spirits in the wood, he then must become one of them as a permanent resident. Fate, however, had other plans. While attempting to please a rich client and complete an impossible assignment, she encounters a mysterious pet who needs her help. A model citizen, he has come to serve, to learn, to remember what was lost. But will the death of his best client be his undoing? Lives are on the line as a battle between forced loyalty and devotion unfolds.

    Gillivray takes revenge on a social media troll. A pastiche of a Poe horror classic. When a soul has been wronged as much as Nathaniel Shaw, however, it becomes something much more sinister. Their owners develop a close relationship with these cute critters Peacock wants to discover who murdered him. Ruby just wants to know why the ghost of a respected politician is dressed in a clown suit with pom-poms for buttons. Their odd behaviour begins to wear on his enthusiastic hospitality. Or was she over thinking it?

    When his AI project mainframe is hacked, he sets out to uncover who did it and why. Meanwhile, the CIA uses computer simulations to exchange information and block reality. Then it delivered him a corpse. When her boyfriend is wrongly accused of the murder, his deadbeat former-detective father may be his only hope. She will soon learn why some rules must never be broken. Only a keen sacrifice will release the child and return Cremona to her village.

    They are being hunted, and she is too weak to defend them, but at the last moment a strange and fearsome new power intervenes to save them. They enable him to visit his dead baby on a fantastical, deserted island.


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    In order to get back on track, he must go to Earth to get directions from an astronomer who is having a hard time understanding the alien visitor due to the shenanigans of the ship's communications officer. One of those is that she had an undying love of the stars and the other is that Whimpering has some issues. Can it be won back? Ines and her Father attempt to hide the girl from Nazi Officers, even as she pines for their shared homeland, Germany, from which she came. Ten years later, their famous half-brother Oscar Wilde travels to Monaghan to investigate the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

    As she struggles to let go of her beloved Mainland home and sweet Nana, her heart softens as she witnesses heartbreak and death, and bonds with a little boy who shares half of her blood. In s New York, Brooks Casola, mob accountant, avenges the death of his friend when the mob turns against him. Can he overcome monstrous beasts, grave illness, prejudice, his own demons, and poor profit margins in this new life?

    With the help of Alice, he enacts his Plan B: turning Alice into art itself. Why can't Princess Jasmine accept that fact and embrace a criminal lifestyle? They find each other by chance and through dance. Even new beginnings seem to end in old ways. Should have just signed the divorce papers, man.

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    When he finds his hobby disrupted, he finally finds comfort. When a maiden is taken is taken into the Wood it is up to Prince Sigmund to overcome his fears and his mother to rescue her. She hears a rumor about a potential magical cure and throws herself into a dangerous pursuit. He worries the rumors about his son, Prince Leo, may be true and may damage his successful transition to King some day. The King sets out to control things so the rumors of the Prince are killed for good and he can pave the way for his son to have the happy life he so desperately wants for the Prince.

    With the help of wise counsel from Shyok, the King ends up learning one of the great lessons of life and of parenthood. Desperate to find his missing bride, he continually tries to put the pieces back together. Things start to go wrong when she opens her mouth. When a probe comes searching for him, he must use all his skills to hunt it, and all his guile to keep it from learning the secret of his survival.

    You would get all the dirt you need to have on a complicit President. Representative is destined to clean up the three branches of government.