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The Conquest Podquest 8. The Conquest Podquest 7 "Mad Max".

Poetry & Books (& A Little More But Mostly Poetry & Books)

Conquest Podquest 3. Conquest Podquest 2. Conquest Podquest 1. Listen Top Shows Blog. Discover Conquest Conquest Podquest 3.

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Conquest Podquest 3 Update: He was expelled from three high schools for drug related offenses, spending much of his teenage years in and out of institutions. Despite these setbacks, he got several poems and short stories published in various anthologies. He was later accepted to a prestigious internship program in Boston for television writing but was quickly asked to leave because of his growing drug problem.

No more tickets for him.

Jack Kerouac

Q: Have there ever been any dire consequences for some of your actions as a band? Such as when Matt "enhanced" the lyrics in Feeling Good during Radio 3 a few years back.

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A: There is a funny youtube performance of Matt swearing a lot in that song. We did get banned from playing festivals in Austria for a while because we smashed up a load of gear that we thought was ours but it was the promoters. A: There have been a few, but luckily I can't remember the bad ones and don't really fancy delving into old demos to find them! Would you ever consider playing some of your older songs or b-sides live, such as eternally missed, pink ego box, coma etc?

During the later stages of , you began to see Muse playing older songs such as Dead Star and Space Dementia, is this going to happen more often on the new tour? A: We have played some b-sides in the past, but it is always difficult to fit them into the setlist. In order to play them it would mean having to take something out. Plus the more albums you have, the more songs you have to choose from which leaves very little space for rarities. I think we will always throw the odd surprise in now and again though. Q: Do you ever read messages from the muse.

A: I haven't been on here for a while to be honest. I'm normally a bit too nervous to read it. A: There is a new song in 3 parts, more of a symphony than a song which I have been working on sporadically for many years. As a large percentage of the composition is orchestral I have never wanted to collaborate with a string arranger as they may make it 'theirs'. So I have been arranging the orchestral elements myself which is taking a long time due to my inexperience with large scale scoring. It should hopefully make the next album as the final 3 tracks. A: All the albums and songs we have done hold special memories.

With each album we have done, different things have been going on in our lives and listening to those albums triggers those memories. I think listening to some of the first album makes me think of exciting times like getting signed and going on tour for the first time. No particular song though.

Q: Morgan has undoubtedly been a great addition to your live setup allowing you to play older songs without the aid of backing tracks. A: There's always room for a cabasa solo. Especially from Morgan. It's been great having Morgan around. It's allowed us to do a lot of the songs in a more complete form. We always just about managed before he was with us but I think a lot of the songs were compromised quite heavily in order to play them live.

A: I still do this now and again.

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  • Hunter S. Thompson's Iconic and Famous Friends.

It always sounds and looks better from out in the crowd. It normally sounds shit for every band at the side of the stage.

Two poems by Damian Rucci - Degenerate Literature

It was nice and small and I think they are very good live. To say that the company Hunter S. Thompson kept was prolific would be quite the understatement. The man lived life, and lived it hard. As such he met many fascinating, brilliant, creative, insightful, powerful and historic people along the way. Hunter S. Thompson's celebrity friends were a varied bunch and many are just as crazy as he was. Thompson's Hollywood exploits are the stuff of legend. His first foray into La La Land yielded him many friends who just so happened to be '80s Hollywood royalty; Matt Dillon and John Cusack, to name a few.

Then, after some of his more famous adventures were adapted to film and generally became more widespread via Rolling Stone and through his books , the next generation of Hollywood became enamored with Thompson as well - people like Josh Hartnett and Conan O'Brien. This isn't even mentioning his legendary on- and off-screen friendship with the man who would become Hunter S. Thompson: Johnny Depp. These guys became friends in a way that usually only happens in the movies. Depp became Hunter for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and in many ways he never came all the way back just look at Depp's interviews from before Vegas and after, when his speech patterns and mannerisms changed considerably.

Depp and Thompson became brothers in arms in the war on boredom; Gonzo became a way of life, and these two brought it to the masses. The man was like a magnet, drawing in the best, brightest, and craziest people in range.

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These are Hunter S. Thompson's famous friends and iconic pals, who, together, were responsible for all kinds of hijinks and good times. Depp read Thompson's iconic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when he was a teen and had idolized the author ever since. They both happened to be in Colorado at the same time and a mutual friend offered Depp the chance to meet Thompson, he leapt at the chance.

It was full fledged madness by the time he got there, Thompson had been parting a bar crowd with a pull prod