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Drug crimes

If all information listed next to these photographs are correct then Mr. Vanier had at least two wives: Mme. Siam-Dam, mother of Michel, and Mme.

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Seu-Dong, mother of Marie. Reading further, I believe that Jacques-Philippe Potteau might have had a mistake in identifying the mother of Marie Vanier. And Mme.


Seo Dong is the mother of all 7 chlidren with Mr. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

From war babies to billionaires: Vietnam's wealthiest women

However, that term is not universally known in the English-speaking world. Mai doubts that her personal information has been stolen for malicious purposes. May and her boyfriend are renting a hotel to stay in Paris while they wait for the next hearing to be held in early February.

She said she had an attorney lawyer in Belgium to defend the case but was confused as she did not know when the new case would end and she could return to Vietnam. The Vietnamese Embassy in France also said that the Vatier law firm in Paris received May's support at the embassy's request and in May itself.

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Under the terms of the European Union, within 60 days of the arrest, the detained country, in this case France, is conducting legal proceedings to transfer the detainee to the issuing country, in this case Belgium. If voluntary, May will be brought to Belgium within 10 days of arrest. If she is not self-employed, she will be transferred to Belgium 10 days after the decision of the French judicial authority to authorize the transfer of the person arrested under the European arrest warrant.

Also in line with EU regulations.

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France has only in some cases the right to refuse the transfer from May to Belgium. Exotic birds, singing in cages in various corners of the apartment, punctuate our interview and bring music into her life.

For almost fifty years Riffaud refused to talk about her role in the liberation of France, but these days the memories come tumbling out. Madeleine was just 19 in the summer of Although the Allies, three months after D Day, were fighting their way up through France, many resistance groups were feeling demoralised by the recent execution of twenty three members of one small but exceptionally courageous group, the Manouchians.

It was a mission. We had to do it in daylight, to encourage the population. To show them there was an opposition to the German occupation and it was French.

Vietnamese spring rolls - Picture of An Com, Paris

I wanted to do more than simply harangue people in queues, telling them the truth of what was happening and I was cross at being told always to carry weapons across town for the men to use, she worked for the Communist resistance group, the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans, FTP so I asked for permission to use a gun myself.

One sunny day in July, Madeleine cycled up to a German soldier, standing alone near the Solferino bridge, admiring the Seine, engaged him in conversation in a way no man would have been able to, and, when he turned round and looked her in the eye, shot him with two bullets in the temple.

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Madeleine quickly remounted her bicycle but was knocked over by a French Gestapo car, driven by a Milicien who had watched her. But the man handcuffed me before I could do anything. She never gave away names, insisting that she was not part of a group, but was a foolish young girl who had acted purely out of revenge for her boyfriend, who had been killed by the Nazis.