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I won't go into the qualifications and licences. I have to think that they are following in the tracks of the author, who must have worked hard.

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To sum up, this book won't be for everyone but will surely develop a particular following. I recommend it for adults or mature teens who are extremely interested in horse breeding. This is a very pretty, colourful book for young readers, about trees and leaves. I would have liked more text content and a mention that some leaves are copper or variegated all year long.

We are shown a variety of green leaves, with some named, and how they are green through summer due to chlorophyll but change in autumn to reveal reds, yellows and other pigments. Once more they featured a dementia-friendly garden which reminds older people of bygone days, and allows them to potter, pick fresh fruit and vegetables, and enjoy nature. More than 55, people in Ireland now exhibit one of the dementia conditions and as people live longer, the minority of seniors whose brain develops these conditions needs to be catered for appropriately. Other health-related gardens were presented, including a wheelchair friendly garden, a diversity garden and a space to encourage conversations so that people living with mental illness can open up and find help from friends and family.

Bloom always provides help and easy access for visitors, and they have water bottle refill places to cut down on the amount of plastic being used. This book is like Smoky in being an American version of Black Beauty, in this case set in a town where a fire engine is pulled by horses. Blitz is a handsome red bay who does his best to rush to the fires with his partner horse and a kind owner.

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We learn a lot about historical issues such as how fire fighting was organised with a chemical wagon, water pump wagon and a ladder and hook wagon, in that order, being sent. Sadly after an accident Blitz is sold and his life goes badly downhill. I love this book of a jaunt around the world, looking at trees on the way. The author, who grew up wandering Kew Gardens, looks at British Isles trees first, with the rowan for Scotland and Arbutus for Ireland. Off to Finland to meet the birch, wandering through cork oak forests and larches across the continent, before encountering the exotic and valuable timbers, spices, barks and resins of the fabled Orient, bloated looking baobabs of Africa, toxic trees of nutrient-poor countries, lightweight timber, timber too heavy to float, trees with knees, trees with giant seeds, trees with animals spreading their seeds, trees that stop disastrous illness, trees used for main masts.

And at the end you will still be saying, "But what about Over a very nice, filling light lunch we noticed a sloping access to the side door because of a small step at the front; chairs that can be moved and room for a wheelchair or two in the indoor and outdoor dining spots. This building is a converted small house, so the owners have maintained the atmosphere of distinct rooms while allowing freedom to wander.

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Service was friendly and as everything was made to order, those with specific food requirements could ask for what they preferred. Jack is a British rider who set up a stable training difficult horses in America. As we start, his father rings with bad news; his mum has died.


Jack mentally reassigns his next few days of riding training before agreeing to attend the funeral. Among other people, Jack agrees to assist a teenage lad whose horse got badly frightened at a show. On the flight we learn that Jack has an autoimmune digestive condition, so he has to get a doctor's cert to bring his own food on board the plane. This potentially embarrassing, isolating illness has been made manageable by following a strict diet and leaving out many American foods. This is an inspirational novel.

The author has drawn from original writing, photos and sketches, as well as archaeology and experimental archaeology, to show us what Australia looked like before white settlers arrived. He tells us that the Aboriginals had substantial agriculture not ploughed and had domesticated strains of wheat, yam and yam daisy, as well as rice in swampy areas.

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They had major constructions of weirs and fish traps, and some permanent chutes to capture and sort kangaroos; they fed off lily bulbs, nuts, bogong moths and other foods in season, and preserved large stocks of foods, many of which were availed of by hungry white explorers. The imported livestock, particularly sheep, ate the tasty native plants to the root, killing them, and compacted the soil with hard hoofs. After this the continent became desertified. This coffee shop has wide doors and lots of room to manoeuvre a wheelchair, tables with movable chairs and a good selection of beverages, sandwiches and treats.

The shop is on main bus routes and is well located if you need a break after shopping or college and before catching a bus. In a nice book connection, Insomnia started out as one coffee shop in a Galway bookstore and is now a successful franchise model with over stores. Just the place to read. This is a dramatic and well-told very short fantasy, which examines the nature of love and sacrifice. A young woman healer is picked upon by the new fanatical vicar, as a herb-witch, and her only way to escape seems to be by riding a strange black horse that appears near the standing stones.

But the fae don't take much account of mortal lives.

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I love the cover, and the evocative story-telling. I love this delightful book about a camping safari in the Masai Mara park. Tour leader Kumuka James and his trusty vehicle take a girl and boy out to see the wildlife, and bring them to the village where Kumuka grew up, to meet his extended family. All does not go smoothly in this good-hearted adventure but luckily Kumuka's long experience of the African bush comes to the rescue.

This restroom includes a hoist, a changing bench for an adult to lie on, space for a wheelchair user and two carers, privacy screen and other suitable facilities. As rehab centres and hospitals would like patients to get out and explore the parks, this seems like a very welcoming message from the general community. Families with particular needs can also make use of the restrooms. Being out in nature, especially among trees, has been shown to provide physiological and psychological benefits.

And just knowing that a restroom is nearby removes a source of potential stress. This is a sweet and fun read about two girls on holiday at a caravan site. The only drawback for the pony fan will be that a pony doesn't appear for quite a few chapters. Once the filly foal enters, the pace picks up and we get some basic knowledge about foals, like how they are weaned and the kind of care they need. I was surprised that a foal should be shown as stealing golf balls, but I suppose as she has no other foal to play with, she might get up to mischief.

I enjoyed this romance which looks at the upsides and downsides of managing a camp location near Lake Michigan. We get a sort-of romance growing from deep friendship, a gentleman with hearing impairment and a helpful dog, a dedicated young woman, and ice-hockey. All against the beautiful open grounds, swaying pines, and skies full of hawks.

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The Centre is easily reached by Luas. I found helpful staff and while the space inside is massive on all levels, there are restrooms on each floor including accessible ones, lifts and escalators, Braille on most notices. The main auditorium has space for wheelchair seating I asked and a hearing loop, and Guide Dogs are permitted but no other dogs. Generally, a wheelchair user could and did get around as there are sloping floors instead of steps, and we saw the green room and backstage rooms, which turned out to be the location for an AED.

The kitchen contained a first aid box. The team is on top of providing mobility scooters for travellers and meeting any other requirements.

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A serious theme underlies this tale of horses and friendship. Two girls bond over their respect and love for a lively horse. The horse's young owner wants to make sure he gets on with their new friend and she can manage him, in case, well The talented and kind horse is a great character. I was surprised that his shoes never needed changing though I suppose it might have been done during the school day. This excellent book from a tree propagator should be read by anyone concerned about climate change, feeding the people of today and the future, biodiversity loss, atmospheric carbon.

Maybe you have seen the YouTube video of a TED talk about restoring desertifying land using mobs of cattle, bunched and moved regularly. What the cattle do is eat up dead grasses and put organic compost, including seeds, on the ground. In just the same way, this book explains how plants naturally put carbon, humus and moisture in the ground for microscopic life to break down. I like the section on how old forests are full of pits where a tree uprooted and mounds where a tree trunk lay and rotted. Amphibians will live in the pits, but a good point is that fish can't because they dry up, so the life that fish would eat can thrive.

The author presents his 'allies' the major types of tree which can feed us and replace ground crops to a great extent. Sweet chestnuts we are more familiar with horse chestnuts here produce vast quantities of rich nuts and the author suggests hybridising Asian varieties with the American varieties to impart resistance to Asian fungal strains.